Destination Freedom: Black Radio Days May 24th

NO CREDITS PRODUCTIONS CELEBRATES 15!  No Credits Productions, LLC celebrates 15 years in the Denver community.  After a very successful 3 nights of radio dramas in April 2010  NCP presents a triumphant return to its roots with the Award winning radio series DESTINATION FREEDOM: BLACK RADIO DAYS, a monthly “edutainment” series that has been on the air for 12 seasons!

Officers of the 761st Medium Tank Battalion, await action near Nancy, France on 5 November 1944. L-R: Captain Ivan H. Harrison, Captain Irvin McHenry and 2nd Lieutenant James C. Lightfoot

On Monday May 24th 2010 at 7PM at Dazzle Restaurant 9th and Lincoln in downtown Denver Destination Freedom is proud to honor our troops with Richard Durham”s The Tiger Hunt The story of The 761st Tank Battalion. The 761st distinguished itself by extraordinary gallantry, courage, professionalism and high esprit de corps displayed in the accomplishment of unusually difficult and hazardous operations in the European Theater of Operations from 31 October 1944 to 6 May 1945. During 183 days in combat, elements of the 761st – the first United States Army tank battalion committed to battle comprised of black soldiers – were responsible for inflicting thousands of enemy casualties and for capturing, destroying, or aiding in the liberation of more than 30 major towns, 4 airfields, 3 ammunition supply dumps, 461 wheeled vehicles, 34 tanks, 113 large guns, 1 radio station, and numerous individual and crew-served weapons. This was accomplished while enduring an overall casualty rate approaching 50 percent, the loss of 71 tanks, and in spite of extremely adverse weather conditions, very difficult terrain not suited to armor operations, heavily fortified enemy positions and units, and extreme shortages of replacement personnel and equipment. The accomplishments are outstanding examples of the indomitable spirit and heroism displayed by the tank crews of the 761st 

This month”s show features an award-winning cast, including donnie l. betts, producer/director and filmmaker; Kurt Soderstrom, featured in all of Destination Freedom Shows; Jeff Campbell spoken word artist and educator, Donahue Hayes, Ma Rainey and Michael 

This year is not only the 15th anniversary of No Credits Productions, the 12th anniversary of Destination Freedom: Black Radio Days but a very special anniversary for NCP founder donnie l. betts, who donated a kidney to his sister that is living with the complications of Lupus 10 years ago this March.

As always, Destination Freedom is presented true-to-form radio show in front of a live studio audience; at Dazzle Restaurant   Tickets are $10 general admission.  This Monday May 24th at 7PM not only features the live broadcast on KGNU 88.5 FM Boulder 1390 Denver with our musical guests, but a an after show discussion with Black Veterans and the music from Haitian artists Sue and Jodel Charles. Enjoy the wonderful food and drinks as you take in the show.

For more information contact 720-748-1388 or go to

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